Afghanistan: Taliban launches attack on Ghazni

Kabul [Afghanistan], Aug 10 (ANI): The Taliban launched a major attack on Afghanistan’s Ghazni city on Friday.In a statement, the terrorist group said that it entered the city from “different sides”. There were heavy clashes between the terrorists and government forces during the assault, TOLOnews reported.Ghazni Police Chief Farid Ahmad Mashal said that the skirmishes were reported in Khogyani, Khwaja Omari, and Zanakhan areas– all of them situated on Ghazni’s outskirts.In response, the US forces launched a drone strike, and later said that the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces had controlled all government centers in the city.Lt. Col. Martin L. O’Donnell, the spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan was quoted by TOLOnews as saying, “US forces responded (to the attack) with close-air support (US attack helicopters) and conducted one strike (drone). In addition, US aircraft conducted a show of presence.”The Kabul-Ghazni highway was out of bounds for traffic and civilians during the clashes between the Taliban and government forces, the police said. According to several media reports, casualties were inflicted during the clashes.Owing to the increasing instability in Ghazni province, Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission recently deferred the upcoming parliamentary polls in the area. (ANI)This story has not been edited. It has been published as provided by ANI